Am I a Martha or Mary – busy in the kitchen – or sitting at Jesus feet?

From Hummie’s Blog…

Loni is hosting In Other Words this week, a blog meme by Christian Women Online. Each week (2 weeks a month in the summer), a quote is chosen. Write about the quote and post it to your blog. Go back on Tuesday to the host’s blog and add your link in Mr. Linky. Head out and read what others thought about the quote and leave them warm fuzzies. I very much enjoyed doing this challenge for the first time last time as it gets you think and then you can go out to see how others have thought up something different.

Loni has chosen a quote from a book by Joanna Weaver entitled “ Having a Mary Spirit: Allowing God to Change Us from the Inside Out, which she recommends.

  • Jesus simply did not want Martha to be so caught up in kitchen service FOR Him that she missed out on the joy of Living-Room intimacy with Him.

I was thinking about this quote the other day, and here is my take on it….

I remember years ago, when I put this into practice with my own family….  Am I so busy “cleaning house” etc that I don’t take the time to spend with the kids???  Are we just too busy to listen to their jokes, tales, questions when we are cooking, cleaning or on the computer???

Sometimes I get so absorbed with what I am doing on the computer that I totally miss what they are saying….  It is important whether you are a Mom of 1 or 9 (me) or more that we take time out to spend with our children – especially when they are wanting this intimacy that Jesus was talking about.  This does require a lot of patience!!!  My source of patience is in “sitting at Jesus’ feet”!!!  Taking time out of my busy days – whether it is in the morning, afternoon, or evening spending time gleening from HIM!!!  Whether it is a quiet corner – or listening to good music that focuses on God, who He IS and what He HAS done (and is doing) for us(you) – you will gain HIS strength!!!


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