Hi all – I have been thinking about starting a new blog
where I just can talk and share things to inspire others!!!

I am Lori – MomOf8Blessings
As you have guessed – I have 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys – with my wonderful husband, Stephen – of almost 20 years (Nov 2006)!!! I feel so blessed by God!!! We have been homeschooling, since our oldest 18y was 3y. She just graduated this past year!!! I love being able to teach my own children!!!

Now a little bit more about me…
I became a Christian the summer of 1978 – the defining moment of my life!!! My father was in the Air Force, so we moved around a lot…. Currently my husband is in the army – so we still move around a lot…. LOL I met my husband while we were in Bible College in CA. We married – he went Active Duty Army for 3 years than we went to Bible College in Iowa where we lived for 10 years. Then we moved to Texas where my husband Pastored a small church for 3 years. Then we moved to Iowa, temporarily – joined the army again – and now we are in Germany and getting ready to come back to the states really soon!!!


My Hobbies:
I have always love to read!!! I do go in spurts where I will read like mad and then I will take a break. Currently I am rereading the Left Behind Series – I am on book 1….

Crocheting is also one of my life- long passions!!! I have been creating preemie baby clothes for 5-6 years now. I hope to be able to offer some of my designs for sale when we get back to the states. I do have quite a collection of items already made. 16 years ago, our 2nd daughter was born 5 weeks early and weighed only 5 lb 5 oz. We had a terrible time finding clothes for her. SO I always knew – someday – I would make clothes for preemies!!!

My newest passion is digi-scrapbooking!!! I discovered this hobby – September 2005 – when a friend shared with me her new hobby….. Now I could scrapbook on the computer – never had done paper scrapping – had an interest but did not want the mess, expense etc. I can scrap all the time and have no mess, scraps to lie around etc!!!

In June 2006, I took the next step and became a designer. In any new craft I do – it does not take me long and I start designing my own patterns. So I am not surprised that I followed suit with digi-scrapping. I love designing kits!!! It is so much fun!!! Plus I like bold, bright colors and it can be hard to find kits in this category. So I started making my own. I also believe in making high quality kits – and huge kits. I just can’t stop when I start making a kit!!! LOL


My Life Focus:
My Life is focused on living a life for Christ – He is my source of strength!!! I am here – because of Him. He Created me, He Loves Me, He Cares for me!!! I am so greatful for HIS daily strength!!!

I pray that He becomes your source of strength!!!



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