Scrap Twist Blog Train – November 2021

Its been a busy weekend… my husband is finally home after being deployed most of the year!!! It was great to welcome him home!!! It has been a hard year, but we made it through with God being by our sides! So this is why I have been absent most of the year from doing blog trains. I am not sure what all I will be doing this next year, but I plan on participating in blog trains!!!

Be sure to stop at each of these blogs and pick up these wonderful items….

Dancing Tiger Designs


Marniejo’s House of Scraps

Lori Imel Designs

DigiBrandi’s Designs

Nellie Bell

One of the things I have done over this past year is playing with watercolor on my iPad. I used a few CU items in this whole mini kit. I have been taking some courses as well…. I started with some watercolor brushes from Freya Art. Then I picked up her gauche watercolor brushes… then last week I got her new Oil brushes. I have not had a chance to work with these yet. ALL of her brushes are FANTASTIC!!! It is like you are really working with these mediums!!! So I know you will see a lot of “paint” items from me in the future!!!

Here is my mini kit….

Download here or on Dropbox

I hope you are blessed with this mini kit!!!


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