March 5, 2019 1

What Are You Seeking?

By admin

In the morning, especially if I wake up early, I look at my Facebook feed. It gives me a chance to look at what is happening and opportunities to pray for people as well. I do this as I am waking up (I may be up, but my brain is not fully functioning). This morning, I came across a couple of posts where people were sharing pics of how our society is "glued" to FB. It did make me think of "how is my family doing?" We are good on some things, but not on others. So I saw the...

February 6, 2019 0


By admin

I have a big family. I have been blessed with 9 children, plus I have a Son-in-Law, daughter-in-law and a wonderful granddaughter. I love them ALL so much! God gave these blessings to my husband and myself. The 9 children are all biologically ours. The...

February 4, 2019 0


By admin

At Church, we are spending about 1 month in just the first few verses in Ephesians. There has been a baptism service in between all this, my youngest was baptized - pretty excited about her following Jesus. Yesterday, we heard about the Ephesian church from...