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Hi all – Well I decided to open my own store….  I have been heading in a different direction in my designing and I have been way too busy to do this.  SO I decided to open my own store.  I wanted to have the freedom to be on my own time schedule and I really wanted to reduce the prices of my kits so that they are very affordable….  So all of my kits that were available at Digitals are now here…. For the low price of $2 each!!!  I am having a Grand Opening sale this Saturday July 28th….  Watch for the ads….

The Real Purpose of this entry….

A friend of mine, Hummie, suggested that I blog about the struggles of setting up my store…. 

At first, I decided to do my store all from scratch, using my own web design etc.  So I set up individual pages, writing the html myself…. Then the group pages etc.  Then I realized that nobody could do a search for a kit, no categories etc.  Plus I was using PayPal’s shopping cart but it was a “buy it now” “add to cart”.  Very simple, but not like other stores…. LOL  So I decided to hold off….

Then last week, I thought – ooh let me do a search for a freeware shopping cart.  I found one, but it was a nightmare setting it up….  I did figure out how to set up the pages – that went fairly quick.  But getting it uploaded to my website was a nightmare.  It would not work…. I even had tech support and they had to send it to the experts….  LOL  I don’t think they ever figured it out….

Finally, on Saturday – I went to someone’s blog and they said they just set up a store using Zen Cart…. and I thought of course, that is what most people are using.  So I went to their site and they had way more info / tutorials on how to use their Shopping Cart (not like the one mentioned above).  They also said theirs was easy enough for anyone to use…. LOL  So I downloaded ZenCart and I had similar problems with getting it on my site….

So I called my site host – WOW do they have great customer service!!!  The tech told me immediately that I needed a Linux based site rather than Windows.  She set me up and also told me how to access Zen Cart from within GODaddy!!!  So by the next morning everything was set up with Linux and I easily uploaded Zen Cart and my store.  I tweaked how it looked and now I have a STORE!!!

Hopefully this info will help someone else from going thru the nightmare I had…. LOL


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