We Believe Blog Train – Trees of the Forest

I am so sorry for the delay in getting this up.  I have been gone all summer working on our old house for my son and his fiance to live in when they get married.  This last weekend I was up there with my hubby, I only had a few small projects to finish.  So I decided I could join the blog train this month.  When I got home, my computer was a disaster, it would not even run.  So this is the 1st chance I have had to post.  Hopefully I can do it, I see that WP needs to be updated.  I actually made almost everything on my iPad Pro.  I just finished QCing it in Photoshop on my computer and it came out great.  So I know I can create on the fly!!!

Be sure to check out all of the stops for this beautiful blog train freebies…

Here is mine…
Sorry this is no longer available


16 thoughts on “We Believe Blog Train – Trees of the Forest

  1. SO glad your portion of this BT is up! Only thing is….the words “Download here” are not an active link….so I can’t download it…LOL


  2. Your download link is not working Lori. 🙁 Beautiful contribution so hopefully you are able to get it working!

  3. I am so sorry – I added the link, because I checked it…. But for some reason it disappeared…. It is there now – thank you!!!

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