June Journaling – Monday

I know, it’s July… but I am trying to get a grip on life. It seems like life can get out of control. I am glad to have a Digital Journal, that can help me get even just the minimums done each day. But sometimes extra things, like writing on here, get put back on the back burner. Right now, I am not going to stress about when I get some things done. I have been looking at my weekly schedule (blog, cleaning etc) and doing some if I have time. For example, the other day, I added some kits to my Pinterest page. Right now, I remembered that I started this post several days ago….

So for June, I even did something totally different. I started downloading some Digital planner freebies and I put this together….

I have a weekly set of items that I copy on the left side – Chores, blog posts, ad schedule.

I have been using the same spread for a whole month. Right now, I duplicate the page in GoodNotes 5. Then I erase all of last weeks data. I look at my phone calendar and handwrite any appointments etc. I actually liked this set up a bit more than doing all of the coloring in. I do color the drops on the mason jar for my water, and I X’d the vitamin squares. I do like writing in the number of steps the next day, instead of just marking of that I walked. It is on my phone app, but it just is kind of nice to see everything on this one spread.

It is also SO helpful tracking what we eat for dinner. If it is a busy week, I don’t remember what we had several days ago. But it also helps with leftovers. We will eat leftovers about once a week, so I can look at what is in the fridge and know “when” we actually ate it. I know, we could date the leftovers, but that is an extra thing the kids have to do after dinner. They do eat a lot of leftovers for lunch.

Next week, I will share the layout I have been doing for July. I actually made it all myself – everything is more coordinated. I also need to work on my spread for August. I will be working on a homeschooling planner for my girls to use this year :). I can’t wait to share that as well.

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