Birthday Scrapbook Layout

Yesterday morning, I made this layout on my iPad in my bedroom. I had these photos on my iPad and I used this kit, Harvest of Peace since it was still in my iCloud. I did it also for the scrap lift challenge at Split Coast Stampers. I had a lot of fun doing this LO and it was so great to use Affinity Photo on my iPad. I did another one a few weeks ago in AP on my Mac. It really is a great an inexpensive alternative to PS.

So before posting this yesterday, I decided to do a couple of tweeks to my blog. Let’s just say, that was not as easy as I thought. It led to a total revamp to my blog! I really love the fresh look, not much different. But I actually have it how I want, rather than what a template designer had in mine. (I do ALWAYS tweak them to how I want them, as much as I can). I actually really like how my shop looks better in this one!

So here is my LO…

18th Birthday

As I mentioned above, I used my Harvest of Peace kit….

L4H2 – coming soon

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