Journaling – Monday

So for May, I decided to try something a little different. I may try a different theme each month. I also will hopefully have these sets for sale in my store soon.
I did think of the quote – April Showers brings May Flowers. So I decided to have flowers that I could color in to help me track my activities.

This was for the 1st week. I have been kind of sporadic with filling it out and making sure that I was doing things. Some of it has been very busy weeks with lots of appointments.

I did make a few changes – rearranging a few things. I also want to work on some quotes and things for the spaces.

So then this is the new one for this week. This morning I thought of making a picture frame for the trackers. There is enough for 8 things to track for 1 week. I also moved the May down. I should have made the dinner menu a little smaller, then it would have fit in there better.

I am a digital scrapbook designer – so you can see that showing up in my planner. I did get board with doing the circle tracker each week – it kind of became annoying. I was going to alternate the doodle every other week. But I may just have 1 per week. It did not take me too long to make them. I probably should include a few extra items in case you need more.

So what other kind of things do you like to use in your Digital Planners?

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