What Is My Focus?

What is My Focus??? Why do I do the things that I do???

“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death— even death on a cross!” Philippians 2:5-8

Jesus gave up HIS all to come to earth to be a servant. He is the God of the universe – He created the world and all that is in it…. He did NOT have to choose to do this…. but HE DID!!! He gave Himself to die on the cross for our sins!!! He loves us so much that HE CHOSE to do this…..

SO what am I to do with this knowledge??? 

First I must accept / believe that Jesus died for me! He offers me forgiveness for all my sins – all of the bad things I have done. All we need to do is accept his forgiveness – we don’t need to DO anything – just believe!

Now that I believe – what am I to do???

Spend time getting to know this wonderful Savior! Find a good church that preaches the Gospel – the Good News about Jesus – that encourages the believer to actively share this Good news, a place to worship (appreciate) God for what He has done, a place to learn about God through His Word – the Bible….

Spend time getting to know this wonderful Savior through personal Bible reading and prayer. God gave us wonderful minds – to think on Him. To discern the truth about Him! We have the ability to think and meditate – to understand Him. We must use this ability by reading the Bible – daily is so important. God has given us the Bible – a gift of love – so that we can get to know Him! We must read it! We must seek to understand it’s words…. not just skim over it and call that “reading”. We must read to understand – love the words of the Bible…. So we should think on it (meditate) – bring its truth into our lives. Live by the Word of God…. Desire to do God’s will – as revealed through the Bible.

We also need to pray to God. Share with Him all of your concerns / needs. God wants you to talk to Him – share with Him. Think of Him as your “best friend”- accept HE will NEVER mistreat you. He will ALWAYS be with you – be there for you! He loves you so much that He died for you. What greater love is there, than this??? He has your concerns foremost in His mind – HE DOES care for you greatly!!! God wants to hear from you. 

I pray that my life reflects Jesus….

So how am I doing? What is my purpose with this blog? My blog motto is… “A Little Bit of God in Every LayOut”- Am I fulfilling this goal? Am I being a good witness to those around me? Am I making a difference in people’s lives? 

As I reflect on these things – I am thinking of how I can improve in these areas. I think that my “free time” can get so bogged down with designing kits that people may or may not buy. I have been contemplating so long on how to make a difference / impact in the scrapping community. It is so easy to get “caught up” in all that is going on around us…. I have seriously been thinking about “formally” quitting designing so that I can focus more on the important things – spreading the gospel through my scrapping and hopefully inspiring others to 
do “A Little Bit of God in Every LayOut”…. 

The one problem I have encountered is that I LOVE designing. I have almost quit at times – but yet I go through these down times and come out more inspired in different areas. SO how do I accomplish the above goals and still design. Give out freebies is a good thing…. but I don’t just want to be a “freebie” junky enabler…. LOL I WANT people to use the “freebies” they get – not just stock up on freebies and never use them…..

SO how can I inspire you to scrap? Actually I would like your responses! I would love to know what would help you to scrap more!

Also, please pray for me – that I can find a healthy balance with my scrapping time! 

Thank you,


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