Scrap Twist Blog Train – September

I can’t believe that it is already September… The last 3 weeks are kind of a blur…. 3 weeks ago, we were hit pretty hard by derecho that went thru Iowa all the way to Ohio. We have 15 trees on our 1/2 acre in town and most of them were decimated. It looked like a war zone in our yard. Our small town was one of the hardest hits in our area. We did get a lot of the major cleanup done that first week, but that was the start of our long journey. The problem is – there was a lot of damage, this storm was huge. So there are a lot of people needing tree removal, roofs, siding etc done. Thankfully we were able to get an electrician fairly quickly. But we spent 10 days without electricity. Thankfully we had a generator for the last 7 days…. Fans were really needed at night. But it will take a couple months for us to get any work done on our house and trees…. This past Saturday, the most dangerous tree was brought down, but there are several that are waiting for a strong wind to blow them down….

This month’s blog train is called Manliest Man. If it wasn’t for the strong Manliest Men that worked so much on our trees (so far), we would still have a war zone on the ground outside. So be sure to stop at each of these blogs, so that you can honor the men in your lives…

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Lady DGScrap

Here is mine…

Download here
or Dropbox

I pray that this mini is a blessing to you.


5 thoughts on “Scrap Twist Blog Train – September

  1. Oh my! So sorry to hear about your storm damage!! Thankfully you are well. Praying that all the damage will get fixed soon! Do take care!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation for the blog train — perfect verse chosen!! God bless!

  2. I was just reading your comments about the big storm that hit Iowa “The Derecho” I live in Iowa also but way up in north central Iowa so we didn’t have any damage other than rain & some wind. We lucked out. I have a daughter and other family members that live in Belle Plain IA and they had bad damage & loss of power as you did. Do you live anywhere near there or the Cedar Rapids area? It is indeed a small world. Hope you are recovering from the storm and getting back to somewhat normal. Take Care and stay Iowa Strong

  3. I’m so sorry for damage, Lori! I’m glad you were blessed with manly men to help clear it. And then amongst all this, you provide us with a wonderful little mini kit – Thank you!! Take care and I hope you gets back to some semblance of normal soon.

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