Monday’s Motivation – January 14, 2008

Hi all – it has been a long time, since I have done one of these….

Life kind of has been crazy with a newborn again….

This past week, we had a lot of sick kids – I have a light case of this cold so far…. 

So I am going to try going slowly….


1. So what do you have planned for this week??? 

2. January is the time for organizing. How are your Digi-scraps organized? I just got a new external hard drive for my laptop. I have almost finished organizing things, but there is a few more things that NEED to be put in their correct folder…. Do you need to go thru your files? Eliminate junk or things you will never use??? 

My Week’s Goals –

1. Organize a few more areas of my scrap stuff. 

2. Scrap at least 7 LOs one for each day. 

3. Work on a kit…. 

4. Participate on HummiesWorld….. 

5. Keep things going at home…. 

So what are your goals for this week??? 

Also I would love to see your goals!!! 


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