Monday’s Motivation – August 20, 2007

Hi all!!!

I was talking to Hummie last night about how all the scrapping Meme’s are Thursday thru Sunday…. I thought it would be neat to have other ones the beginning of the week…. ( I guess I have caught the Blog virus… LOL)

So how about:

Monday’s Motivation – inspire, set goals, etc

Template Tuesdays – share your favorite template, one you designed or a great find you found THIS week

Wednesday??? not too sure on this one….

If anyone else would like to take any of these, just ask, I am willing to share!!! I have just gotten motivated to do LO’s etc with these memes!!! How about you???


1. So what do you have planned for this week???

This will be 1 thing we will do every week. I will also include a more specific challenge for each week…

2. Try Something NEW – technique, challenge, etc

I had been trying to scrap old photos for the past couple of years – with 8 kids can you imagine all the photos we have accumulated over 19 years??? But recently, I have been doing a lot of the newer ones. They are so much more fun, because I remember what happened in most of the photos…. SO, I decided, I need to scrap old ones & new ones. Then it won’t become as much of a drudgery…. LOL

Goal 1 – Scrap at least 1 LO a day – with 1/2 being older photos

Goal 2 – Start new memes to inspire and have fun (Something New)

Goal 3 – Do Themed Thursdays, Faithful Friday, Scrap Addicts Sundays

Goal 4 – Encourage Are We There Yet in Saturday Scraps

Goal 5 – Finish the Digitals Challenges

I think that is a good start!!! LOL

So how about you??? What are your scrapping goals for this week??? Please share with us!!!


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