November Hybrid Challenge

Every month at Faith Sisters, I am doing a Hybrid Challenge called “You Can Make It Challenge”.  For the month, I will be giving away the hybrid project you can make.  I also give instructions on how you can make it out of your paper scraps.  Be sure to join me each month!!!

Check out this month’s Challenge….

I really enjoyed November’s Faith Sisters  Collab- Blessings, that I was inspired to make a “Blessing Book“.  I  have designed a Blessing Book with my part of the collab and for the  next month, you can get it free.

Use this coupon – Blessings2010Lori_24 and get it free, expires the end of November 2010.I made a page for each of my family members.  On the left page is  their name, I journaled about how they are to me, a verse  and an inspirational quote.  Then the coordinating right page has a  picture of them.  It was such a fun book to make.  Some of my kids have  already looked at it, but I plan on sharing it fully with them on  Thanksgiving weekend.  It is a special way I can thank God for them and  be an encouragement to them!!!
So my challenge for you is to make a Blessing book of your  family, and/or other people things that are a special blessing to you  this year!  You can use the ready book I have made for you (see coupon  above), or you can make your own.  Use your paper scraps or digital kits  to design your book.  My Blessing Book measures 5.5″ X 2.75″.  This  uses a standard size paper / cardstock, 6 pages per sheet of paper (plus  a little left over for printer margins).
Please join me  in this challenge – I would love to see your HYBRID project, whether you  print it from your computer and assemble, or use your paper  scrapbooking supplies!!!

Be sure to share your finished Blessing Book with us – by  uploading it to our gallery and sharing it in our forum!  I can’t wait  to see your Blessing Book – as you BLESS your family with this wonderful gift!!!
I will be offering a monthly hybrid project challenge – be sure  to check out the You Can Make It Challenge for fun hybrid activities  each month!!!

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