In A Blink of An Eye

Hi all,

I just got home from a memorial service for a friend.  How well did I know this friend, not very well…. but she made me feel like a great friend!!!  I think about when she found out she had cancer…  not long afterwards, she was apologizing to me because she was not “helping” me like she wanted to – while my husband was deployed.  She had such a loving and serving heart – it was a joy to have known her – even if it was in a tiny way.  Pastor talked about how she was telling others about Jesus: while having chemo, while in the hospital getting blood transfusions, even just before she entered into the presence of the Lord!!!  What a life of glorifying and worshiping our Lord for sending His Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins!!!

Pastor talked about a passage in Ecclesiastes:  about how it is good to be in the house of mourning (verse a house of feasting) – as it gives us an opportunity to think about the shortness of life.  In a blink of an eye, our time on earth maybe over.  Are you (am I) ready to spend eternity with God???  Do you believe that Jesus died and rose again for your sins?

How does my life represent Christ’s work??? Of course, I have been thinking a lot about this….  Am I telling others about the wonderful work that Jesus has done – by His death and resurrection – in giving His life for my sins???  I could always become more active in sharing the gospel….  One thing God has made me, is a mother of 9 blessings – I am sharing the gospel with them, training them in the Lord – some of them are already planning to serve the Lord as missionaries and in other means of ministry.  I rejoice that they want to share in the ministry of sharing the gospel with others….

I still have work to do, how about you???  Are you ready???  Are you believing???  Are  you sharing???

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