Hybrid, Hybrid Everywhere

I am really enjoying making hybrid projects!!!  I even love it more when I can give them as gifts to others!!!!

Here are some of my most recent projects….   Most of these projects I have designed / used my hybrid templates which you can find at my Faith Sisters store!

These are using Sharon Walden’s Making The Grade – Simply Elementary

I LOVE using these things myself!

These 2 graduation cards are using Sharon’s Making the Grade – High School Days

This project is for the Biggest Loser Contest at Scrap Orchard.  I used Captivated Visions’ Your True Colors…. (template by SuzyQ)

This is my latest project I made with the Faith Sister’s Collab – The Final Frontier (coming soon)….

Here is my part of the collab….  A hybrid Space Themed Birthday pack.

Right now, you CAN get my Space Party Invite and Thank You Cards….only $1

Be sure to check out my Faith Sisters Store, where you can get many more hybrid ideas….

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