DigiScrapAddicts February 2014 Blog Hop

Welcome to another addition of the DigiScrapsAddicts Blog hop! I am so glad you made it to my blog, to pick up my portion of the DigiScrapAddicts February 2014 blog hop!!!  You will find some of my designs at Living4Him2, my personal store. I have added a couple of new kits to my store and I have a winter one to finish up.  I am a little delayed, my laptop hard drive had a fit when it got to full.  SO last week I got a NEW 1.5 TB internal hard drive.  It is taking a long time to reinstall all of my software and set things up!  Today I even used a lot of new techniques with setting things up in Photoshop!

Just a friendly reminder – be sure to back up all of your important scrapbooking stuff!

I primarily design faith-based kits, that can be used in a variety of ways. I get my inspiration from the Bible. I also have quite a few of my hybrid templates and projects available as well.  Here are a few of my newest kits…

Here is my mini-kit for the blog hop…

Download Here


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