//Scrap Twist Blog Train August

Scrap Twist Blog Train August

HI all – sorry this is late today…. I am so thankful it is August – what a month it has been. My youngest, 11y, said the other day “July has not been our month”. My Mother was in the hospital twice – that seemed like enough. The 2nd time, she had fallen and broke her hip, so she is now in a Rehab Center, at least another week or so. That was enough to keep us busy.

My husband has been out of the country for business. Last week he came home and went back to work on Monday. About 8 am he started to fill some pressure in his chest – and ended up having a heart attack (only 54y). It was 100% blockage – a widow maker. But by the marvelous grace and mercy of God, he survived and is doing very well. He came home yesterday.

I had a migraine yesterday, so I could not think clearly to post this. Even this morning I am looking at all I have to do – some just catch up with things around the house. But my 2 sons and DIL are coming this weekend to see Dad. Then I found out my brother and his wife are coming next week…. So just a bit overwhelming…. But that is how our household has been since my husband left on Father’s Day for his business trip.

Actually the verse I included with this mini, is one I have clung to this past month. When things start to get a bit overwhelming, I contact my prayer warriors and ask them to help lift our family in prayer. But also, in the midst of my husband’s heart attack – he was extremely peaceful because he knew that God was watching over him. I chose this verse because I was thinking about camping vacations and how relaxing they can be when we “get away” from everything. I DO PRAISE God with how HE has carried us thru all of this!

So this is the 1st time I have joined this blog train – I am excited to offer you another freebie during the month.

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I hope you are blessed by this freebie. 🙂